Good Morning!

How you start your day will determine the kind of day you will have. Apart from waking up with a mindset of gratitude for all the blessings, it’s also ideal to begin the day “treating the body right” so you’re physiologically set for the day.

On an ideal day – that is I’m waking up from my own home not from a different city. My work requires me to travel a lot of times, that’s why. I follow these steps before I leave home for work 🙂

1) On an empty stomach (just after getting off from bed), I put 1 table spoon of quality coconut oil (I use the G Stuff Oil Pulling with Clove & Tea Tree) into the mouth. I swish for 20 minutes. The timing is the key. If the oil turns thick and white like a mucus, then it’s time to spit it out in the toilet (not in the sink). Please don’t swallow as it is full of bacteria and toxins that were absorbed during the swishing.

This Ayurvedic ritual is called Oil Pulling. It supposedly draws out toxins in your body, primarily to improve oral health but also to improve your overall health.

2) I wash the mouth with a water with healing salt (I use G stuff Healing Crystal Salts) and continue brushing the teeth. I have yet to discover a natural toothpaste but meantime, as much as possible, I use a local brand like Hapee or I use Dentiste.

I use Brush with Bamboo – its an ecological bamboo toothbrush with BPA-free soft bristles and biodegradable bamboo handles (and uses recycled paper box). The company that sells this is on a mission to reduce plastic pollution which I advocate and try to live up to everyday. I bought mine from a bazaar but you can check out their site here.

G Stuff Oil Pulling, Healing Crystal Salts &  Brush with Bamboo Tooth brush
G Stuff Oil Pulling, Healing Crystal Salts & Brush with Bamboo

3) Still, on an empty stomach, I melt a teaspoon of bee pollens in my mouth. Bee pollen is considered one of nature’s most completely nourishing foods as it contains nearly all nutrients required by humans. If you’re pregnant, please check with your doctor if this is ok. One of the benefits I like the most is that it is a natural energizer so starting the day with a teaspoon of bee pollens give me energy for the day and helps fight fatigue. I use Milea Bee Pollens and you can find them at Saturday Salcedo Market and Sunday Legazpi Market or you can check out their site here.

4) Lastly, a green juice or green smoothie or vegan granola for breakfast 🙂

Following these steps everyday will surely find me in great & amazing state!


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