What has been just a goal to lose weight in the late 2012, Yoga now is a fundamental part of my life not just for the physical aspect but for spiritual and meditative part as well. “Me Time” could not have been more meaningful to me than being in the studio and in the mat. I journeyed with yoga alone, not needing friends to “accompany” me sign up in the studio and practice yoga together. I thought this is a valuable and sacred time for me, alone. It’s a detachment period at the end of the day, quieting my mind and leaving work, apprehensions and even comforts outside the studio room. It’s me, right here and now.

I practice yoga for 2 things. Stronger body and a clearer mind. I have lousy days and I have breakthrough days in the mat. I learned from my teacher that to know that you have progressed in your practice when you actually stopped thinking if you have actually progressed in your practice. That you start going to the studio, lay out your mat and simply practice. I was once conscious and gauged my progress if I was able to do my crow pose and head stands on my own. But that wasn’t the case, I learned. Without actually realizing, I felt stronger physically and find myself in breakthroughs. And the more I feel my body getting strong, the more I crave for practice.

I work in a busy environment — “busy” meaning fast paced, stressful and time demanding. And I knew it’s yoga (the reason) when my colleague told me he had learned something from me on a critical time. He noticed when he would call to report concerns or problems on the field, he noticed I was calm and collected. And it dawned on me, if not for the discipline of clearing the mind during practice, I would have reacted on things head on.

I’m really set to deepen my practice this year. Not necessarily to find myself in impressive, inverted, twisted poses, but for a deeper meaning and more solid discipline.

Tree Pose at The Farm at San Benito
Tree Pose at The Farm at San Benito

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