Natural Alternative

I am on a quest to find a natural, organic and vegan alternative for each skin and body product we use everyday. I’m sure you know the importance of using only the natural products in our skin, being the largest organ of a human being and the importance of that is being earth-friendly. I will be sharing here the products I discovered (and use) along the way. I realized, though a little more expensive than the “usual” products we are accustomed to, that there is every single alternative for them. We have options! We have a choice 🙂

1) Face soap. I use G Stuff Facial Soap. Both variant (oatmeal and coffee) is gentle on the face. My skin never dried using this soap! I noticed too that my skin is softer than before.

2) Shampoo. A  lot of options in the market but the most  accessible (and cheaper) is Human Nature Clarifying Shampoo. I personally chose “clarifying” than moisturizing, etc (they have variants like that) because I am managing a curly hair so I put curl defining cream. Clarifying shampoo purifies the hair from chemicals from the cream and even from the environment (dirt, etc)

3) Body Soap. This one is my current craze, buying soaps left and right. I have used Bodyfood All-natural Lavender Love soap, The Farm Coconut Chamomile soap and  Phina’s Little Factory Espresso Coffee soap. They are quite expensive (ranging from P350-400) because they are hand-pressed and they use only the most premium and natural oils so you’re assured of only quality ingredients on your skin.

4) Intimate Wash. I used Biopha Organic Intimate Hygiene Gel. It’s gentle, soap-free, natural, organic and paraben-free. But my current favorite are G Stuff Feminine Wash and Queen B Aparies Feminine Wash with propolis. They are a gentle and refreshing anti-bacterial care for the intimate part especially on red days when there is a tendency for itchiness. It never itched!

5)  Face Toner. I use Phina’s Little Factoy Rose Water. It has Vit A + C & antioxidants that help in reviving tired skin and giving it a glowing complexion. It is a natural astringent with anti-inflammatory qualities. Absolutely a miracle product from nature!

6) Face Moisturizer / Sunscreen. Phina’s Little Factory Conditioning Serum is a combination of Argan and Frankincense, the most precious of ancient oils. It’s a natural skin conditioner and is formulated for daytime use as it is not photosensitive and can act as SPF. Both oils have the ability to promote regeneration of healthy cells and tissues. For the longest time, I use VMV Hypoallergenics Armada Face Cover 30. It’s 100% All-Types-Of-Fragrance Free, 100% Dye-Phthalate-PABA-Paraben + Preservative-Free. More importantly, its full-spectrum covers UVB and UVA, infrared, visible light from sun, heat sources and indoor lights.

7) Body Lotion. I use Lea Nature Argan Oil. It’s a liquid gold. Enough said 🙂

8) Deodorant. I use G Stuff Deodorant which only uses natural and organic ingredients.

There you have it –natural alternative for your skin and body needs. My skin is no perfect but I noticed a great improvement since I started using natural products.



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