Green Smoothie / Green Juice

Green smoothie from Mooshie
Green smoothie from Mooshie

I’ve learned about what green smoothie or green juice is all about in 2011. Being in a relationship with a vegetarian, whenever we would travel, I would research restaurants or cafes that are vegetarian friendly. For our trip in Puerto Princesa, Palawan, I stumbled upon Bahay Kalipay which said it serves vegetarian and raw food. And so we went and came knocking on the door expecting a café, waiter and the works. Apparently, it’s a holistic center providing yoga and detox programs. It’s a self-sustainable community of healers, teachers, artists and explorers of raw food lifestyle from around the world. The owner gave us a quick tour and their resident yoga teacher offered to teach us ashtanga yoga. Sure, why not, we said. The place is interesting, no doubt in harmony with nature. The yoga venue is on the second floor what looked like a tree house with view of fields of greens. A complimentary treat was given to us after class which at first I was quite hesitant and believed I wouldn’t be able to finish. This was the moment I was introduced to green smoothie. I actually finished the drink.

Just like any kid, I didn’t grow up as a fan of greens, only eating a few that should met few of my mandatories haha. But I learned the importance of greens in achieving alkaline state of our body. And the only way I can do this, if not eating it is by drinking it. My journey began ordering from trusted suppliers (Rawlicious and Juju) until I invested on blender, juicer and even food processor (so I can make raw food desserts. I will share that next time). Green smoothie and green juice has been part of my lifestyle for about 3 years now.

Because I travel a lot (work and leisure), I would discover cafes or juice bar that offer green smoothie and green juice on the go even outside the Philippines. Here are the places I’ve tried in case you find yourself in these cities or countries.

1) Manila. Juju is my top of mind supplier of green juice whose owner’s parents were the founders of the health and wellness resort The Farm at San Benito. I believe they are the first in the business of convenient cleansing delivered to your home. I am also a fan of Coco Green in which their juice is cold-pressed kilos of greens, no water added as well as sugar. My other favorites are Satinka Naturals in Makati and Hillside Café and Juice Bar in QC.

Coco Green
Coco Green
Green smoothie, Beet juice, Raw Food and Vegetarian meals at Satinka Naturals

2) Batangas. The one and only, The Farm at San Benito in Lipa, Batangas. Year on year, it wins an award from prestigious press from local and abroad for health and wellness category. Their ALIVE! Cuisine restaurant boasts of green smoothie, green juice and raw food that is creative and delicious.

3) Cebu. Mooshie offers a wide selection of green smoothie and juice – blended and pressed freshly for you.

4) Davao. Soul Kitchen Co. is a favorite of mine! Apart from green juice, they offer nutmilks that are good as well as salad, overnight oats, etc.

Nutmilk from Soul Kitchen Co.
Nutmilk from Soul Kitchen Co.

5) Bacolod. The green smoothies from Fresh Start are the cheapest I encountered but uses natural and organic produce in the market.

6) Japan. I am surprised it’s accessible to almost everywhere. It’s even being served in a food court in Odaiba and Ueno. They also have a farmer’s market similar to our own Legazpi and Salcedo market in Aoyama every Saturday and Sunday where organic food and green smoothie or juice are being sold. Natural House, chain of natural and organic supermarket also serves green smoothie.

Farmer’s market in Aoyama

7) Switzerland. You will really discover more when you walk around during travel. I stumbled upon Hamabama Juice Bar in Lucerne in one of our leisure walks one afternoon.

Hamabama Juice Bar in Lucerne

8) London. Similar to Japan, they’re quite almost everywhere. I also stumbled upon Pret in one of London undergrounds but they have many branches. I also saw a juice bar right on top of St. Paul Underground Station.


I’m excited to add more on the list as I travel. There’s no excuse in skipping your greens 🙂


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