Dinadiawan Beach


Nothing is as exciting as spending the first days of summer in a new place. My friend was very sweet to invite me last March in exploring this virgin white beach with blue waters that looked so alive under the winking sun as how she described it, along with her other friends and family.

When I think about Aurora, it’s only about Baler – Sabang Beach to be exact, one of the hottest surf spots in the Philippines. But white beach?

The Dinadiawan Beach in Dipaculao, Aurora is forty five minutes to an hour away from Baler.  So it’s even farther from the usual 5-6 hour drive from Manila; not exactly a “quick-getaway-type-of-weekend” trip you can do. But we spent only one night so if there’s a will, there’s a way! Haha

Thank you to the genius creator of waze, we managed to get there. But you would lose signal, the road would look endless and you would think you’re lost and it’s the wrong way. The road to Dinadiawan Beach does not have much landmarks, stores and even resorts to point you that you’re in the right direction. But you will bump into one or two locals and it’s best to ask already just to be sure.

Scenic view on the way to Dinadiawan Beach
La Sunshine Resort (Photo by Koryn Iledan)
La Sunshine Resort (Photo by Koryn Iledan)

We stayed in La Sunshine Beach Resort what looked like the only resort in the area. They only have villas which are good for big groups (fan or with aircondition). There’s only one shower room per villa which could use some improvement. But guess where I stayed instead?

On a tent.


The temperature was cool at night so no aircon, no problem! I even had to put a blanket on. And my alarm clock in the morning? The sweet sound of the waves crashing against the shore and the sunlight which eventually peeked through our tent. How about waking up to that every single day, right?

There’s no restaurant nearby. And even the resort’s restaurant was not operational yet. But my friend pre-arranged all our meals with the resort so they’re able to buy and prepare them in advance which I strongly suggest that you do. One meal is about P150-200 per head. You can negotiate for the amount because it may depend on the quantity and the number of options you wish to be served. The food, by the way, was deliciously prepared! I loved the sinigang, grilled fish, adobong kangkong! They even prepared us garlic rice on our breakfast.

Here, all you can do is relax. There are no other amenities but the beach and small water falls nearby. Am not sure if it’s the time of the year or what, but there were waves which break by the shore which made “swimming” a little challenge. Also, it gets deep abruptly so be careful.

Photo by Koryn Iledan
Photo by Koryn Iledan


So for a change of Aurora experience, drive a little more and visit this place.


Contact Person:  Myrna Flores

Contact nos.:  +639183425663 / +639182038645 / +639176618802

Facebook page:  http://facebook.com/LaSunshineBeach


4 thoughts on “Dinadiawan Beach

  1. Hello!

    Nice blog you have here 😉 I have a question. I understand that you went there in a group, how much will they charge if I only use my tent? I will go there solo with my tent.

    Thank you.


    1. Hi Jherson. Thanks for dropping by! Sorry to reply just now. As for your question, we were not charged for our tent. It could be because our friends had booked a room. Best to check with the resort.



  2. Hi! My friend and I are planning to go there by Feb or March this year. Do you know how much a night’s stay in one of the villas? Or is it better if we ask the owners instead? I saw in another blog that it costs around 2500 which is a bit pricey.


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