Siargao: Island, Rock Pool & Surfing

Four days may be short but like I said, the trip didn’t feel rushed. There’s not that nagging feeling of missing out on something else when I do another thing. I got to savor my time here and enjoy every nook and cranny.

The famous island hopping will be from Naked Island to Daku Island then finally to Guyam Island in that particular order. Naked Island is like a sand bar so it’s best to get here first thing when the sun is not too harsh yet. Daku Island, my favorite among three, will be best as base by noon as there’s a hut to rent for lunch and locals offer to cook the food for a minimum fee. On this trip, we bought fresh meat, tuna, squid, eggplant and uncooked rice from the market. We also brought our own drinks (soft drinks and beer) and even ice. Fresh coconut is being sold in the island. And then finally, Guyam Island which is already near the main land.

Naked Island
Naked Island
Naked Island boasts of white sand and calm turquoise water too
Naked Island boasts of white sand and calm turquoise water too
Daku Island - turquoise water, white fine sand
Daku Island – turquoise water, white fine sand
Hut at Daku Island
Hut at Daku Island
Ahhhh now you see why Daku Island is my favorite
Ahhhh now you see why Daku Island is my favorite


Guyam Island
Guyam Island
We just woke from a power nap here at Guyam Island. Haha
We just woke up from a power nap here at Guyam Island. Haha

There are no waves in these islands at this time. And the sand is white and fine. They’re perfect for swim and for just lounging around.

Cost to consider: There is an entrance fee of 10 pesos per person to Guyam Island. Hut rental in Daku Island is 300 pesos. The locals charge 250 pesos to cook the food. Boat rental is usually 1500 pesos to be shared among the group.

Tip: Please check with your resort if lunch is included in the package so it’s more convenient for you.

Another interesting place to go too is the Magpupungko Tidal Flats and Lagoon in Pilar. Either we take one-hour habal-habal ride to get here or a 30-minute boat ride from General Luna. We did the latter. The best time to go here is in the morning during low tide to enjoy the natural rock pool formation on this beach. The depth varies from shallow to very deep enough for a dive or jump. Opposite it are the powerful waves crashing on the mudflat. Seawater flows to the pool and back to the ocean. Oh nature, you’re just marvelous!






Cost to consider: If you’re taking habal-habal, one way is 500 pesos per person. The boat will cost 2000 pesos to be shared among the group. A minimal fee of 50 pesos per person will be collected upon arrival.

Tip: Please use a waterproof bag so you can keep your belongings and valuables close to you.

September and October are surfing season months so expect bigger and powerful waves. But beginners and non-pro surfers can still surf the famous Cloud 9 if one is brave (I am brave lol). Advanced ones are in the farther side so they’re kept undisturbed. Otherwise, there’s a spot on the other side that is less intimidating. Surfers start surfing at 5am and return in the afternoon to surf again as this is the best time. Surf, eat, sleep, and repeat it is!


Cloud 9
Cloud 9



The boardwalk makes for a nice morning and afternoon routine to go to, watch people surf, find a corner to read a book or be simply enthralled by the powerful waves or just the sight of the Pacific Ocean. I can probably do that every day! Moreover, yoga session is held every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 930am here for a donation fee of 200 pesos. The next time I will be here, will definitely attend that class!


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Cost to consider: Instructor and board rental is 500 pesos per hour.

Here are more tips:

I cannot stress enough to get serious in applying sunblock. The sun is strong and harsher in this side of the world! Please be kind to your skin.

Bring smaller bills. Habal-habal is 20 pesos per person and per way within General Luna. Entrance or environmental fees range from 10-50 pesos per person.

Bring more than enough cash as ATMs are not easily accessible and most will be paid in cash. It is not generally cheap in Siargao except for beer which is 35-50 pesos per bottle.

Bring sandals or aqua shoes for long walks along rocks, mudflat and sea grass during low tide.

Arrange for your airport transfer from your choice of resort. It usually costs 300 pesos per person per way.

You can go around the island by riding a habal-habal or by renting own motorbike.


It’s only been more than a week and yet my mind daydreams of this place. I shall be back and stay longer next time!

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