Los Angeles Wish List

The challenge in Los Angeles is everything is far apart. And you need a relative or a friend to drive you around. Though we had used Uber for quite a few times but this is not a sustainable way to get around. Given this, I have few on my list which I missed during my stay last December.

As you may already have noticed, I am a fan of coffee so it was a disappointment to not have been able to check out Alfred Coffee. Have you tried?

image from http://la.eater.com


Alfred is a neighborly coffee shop that originated in January 2013 on charming, tree-lined Melrose Place. While each location offers a very distinct design aesthetic and vibe, they all boast what Alfred has become known for: friendly baristas, plenty of patio seating, and of course: the best cup of coffee in LA

Though am not a full pledged vegetarian or vegan (hey, I stopped eating chicken already, that’s a first step!), if that option is available it will be my choice. Especially now that more and more cafes and restaurants are popping up to offer creative and delicious organic and plant-based food, I’m game to be exploring them! So it’s also another disappointment to not have been able to try Real Food Daily for the second time.

image from http://www.realfood.com/


Follow them on Instagram for their delicious food that’s real.

I’m crazy about acai bowls! I was told that the best one will be found in Ubatuba Acai, a Brazilian café located in Koreatown. Acai fruit is native to Brazil so I can imagine this place must really serve the best one.

image from http://www.timeout.com/


Yum, yum, yum! Oh well, next time.

Last but not the least, we missed dropping by The Last Bookstore, as what they say, bibliophile’s heaven. The boyfriend would have been delighted!


images from http://www.lastbookstorela.com/


Till then!

What else you think I missed? 🙂


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